to the site of the Saints, whose faded eyes we have been trying to revive with our paint brush for 40 years, trying to look back in the centuries. These are the Saints who teach and educate in the eternity, setting their life and their achievements as an example for people.


   We have been given the gift to practice the art of Hagiography and we deeply feel that the worship of our Church constitutes an unbroken chain throughout the years. This is the reason why we believe that it is our duty to give people works of art as legacy, which symbolize our eternal orthodox faith.


   Taking into consideration the saying of St. Vasilios that “The value of the holly image depicts the value of the person represented”, we are very happy to bring forward those holly persons, who have become highly respected and worshiped, acting according to Jesus Christ’s will for their entire life.


ημέρα, εβδομάδα έτους

Πηγή: Λογισμικό "Σήμερα"